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Parenting is hard work...

...even under the best of circumstances. It's especially challenging when your child is struggling. My approach begins with meeting with you - the parents. You are the most important person(s) in your child's life, and you deserve time to:

  • Share what it's like for you to be seeking an evaluation for your child

  • Provide vital information about your child and family that will help us understand what's going on

  • Get to know me and my approach


The most successful treatment for your child is one  that you wholeheartedly believe is right for them, and one that will help you feel more connected to your child. Your expertise in your child and my expertise in child mental health will allow us to work together to find a path forward. I work with children and families of all ages (birth to 18).

If any of the situations below sound familiar, my practice may be a good fit for your family.

You're seeking an evaluation for the first time and not sure where to start
Your child has received multiple diagnostic labels ("ADHD, DMDD, ODD") without a clear sense of what the core issues are, and what might help.
Your child had previously been in treatment and there was no significant improvement.
Medication has been recommended for your child and you want another opinion.
Your child had previously been in treatment and there was initial improvement that did not last after treatment stopped.
Your child's symptoms have been severe enough to warrant partial or inpatient hospitalization.
Treatment has previously been recommended but your child did not want to attend sessions.
Your child has been taking medication for some time and you/they are wondering whether it's needed anymore.
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