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See "My Approach" for more details. I offer the following:

  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

  • Psychoanalysis

  • Parent guidance


Everyone has a story, and most come to therapy with a story about what is troubling them. Therapy is a time and place to explore that story, honor where it came from, and use your brain in new ways so that the story can change.


I strive to provide thoughtful, evidence-based medication management when it is indicated and consistent with the goals and values of a patient or their family. Medications tend to be most helpful for those with moderate to severe symptoms, and for those whose symptoms fall into certain diagnostic categories. Medications also tend to work best in conjunction with psychotherapy, rather than as the sole aspect of a child or adult's treatment plan.


"Is this just a 'bump in the road,' or is it something more? Am I overly concerned? Not concerned enough? Am I missing something? Nothing we've tried has helped..."

Parenting is hard work, especially when your child is struggling. While books and classes may help, every child's story (and every parent's story) is unique. A closer look may be needed to get to the root of whatever challenging symptoms a child is having. In addition to working with children and adolescents in individual therapy, I also work closely with parents/caregivers. Together we can find ways to help your child build on their strengths, use their brain in new ways, and set them up to weather the ups and downs of life. We can also find ways to help you become a parent who is able to be with and think with your child through those ups and downs. Big problems can become manageable, and good times can become more thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Common issues among children/families that I work with include:

  • Previous treatment (therapy or medication) did not result in significant improvement

  • Multiple diagnostic labels have been applied ("ADHD, ODD, DMDD") without a clear sense of what the actual problem is, or what might help

  • Anxiety, depression, irritability, ADHD, aggression

  • Difficulties in relationships (not getting along with peers, teachers, parents)

  • Difficulty learning/functioning in school

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