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Medication Management

Whether you're considering medication for the first time, struggling to find a medication that helps, or wondering about stopping medication, my training and approach will help us find a plan that you feel good about.

My aim is to provide thoughtful, evidence-based medication management when indicated and consistent with your goals and values. Medications tend to be most helpful for those with moderate to severe symptoms, and for those whose symptoms fall into certain diagnostic categories. Medications also tend to work best in conjunction with psychotherapy, rather than as the sole aspect of a child or adult's treatment plan.


What to Expect




Two to three initial evaluation sessions, after which you will receive personalized recommendations.

Monthly visits for the first 6-12 months.

So that medication changes & dosage adjustments are based on our understanding of you as a whole person, rather than just a list of symptoms.



With your permission, I will contact your current therapist for coordination of care.

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